Study of your Twin Mediating Part regarding Leisure Emotions

Study of your Twin Mediating Part regarding Leisure Emotions

The fresh new 6th set of canonical correlation reflects the partnership ranging from amusement feelings (control variable) and you can amusement pleasure (traditional varying). New canonical correlation coefficient r = 0.61 ?? , getting an extremely tall top, while the devotion coefficient Roentgen 2 = 0.37, demonstrating your canonical situations from the control variable classification is identify 37% of total version away from canonical affairs on important varying category (surpassing the minimum degree of 10%). Regarding the control changeable class, relaxation knowledge, behavior, and you may feelings is actually extremely correlated that have recreational thoughts, and their typical basis plenty try ?0.91, ?0.87, and ?0.84, correspondingly. For this reason, it can be considered that recreational thinking influences recreation satisfaction courtesy knowledge, decisions, and you may feeling on the adjustable group, since the details extremely correlated that have relaxation satisfaction try psychological state, social satisfaction, health, and you can website aesthetics, The brand new associated plenty is ?0.88, ?0.fifty, ?0.46, and you will ?0.75; In the negative and positive signs and symptoms of factor load, the connection between the two is within the exact same guidance.

Structural Formula Design Data out-of Leisure Barriers, Inspiration, Thinking and you may Satisfaction Structural Design Confirmation

Table 3. Statistical table of fitness test for model evaluation (*P < 0.05, indicating that the model is not suitable; P > 0.05, indicating adaptation).

From the results of absolute fit test: the initial mode absolute fit index x2 = , X2/DF = 9.17, P = 0.000 < 0.05, indicating that the covariance matrix of the hypothetical model is not well matched with the observed data (generally, the value of x2/DF should be between 1 and 3); GFI = 0.817 (> 0.90 is the adaptation), AGFI = 0.808 (> 0.90 is the adaptation), RMSEA = 0.341 (generally, RMSEA < 0.05 is excellent, and 0.05 ? 0.08 is good). From the value-added adaptation test results, NFI = 0.787 (adaptation > 0.90), IFI = 0.801 (adaptation > 0.90), CFI = 0.830 (adaptation > 0.90), RFI = 0.785 (adaptation > 0.90). In short, whether absolute fit or Increment fit test, the initial correlation model of this study is not well matched with the actual data, so the correlation model must be corrected.

With respect to the path airg ekÅŸi recommended from the correction list regarding first design, this study modifies the original model with the new theoretic construction and contributes the new covariance dating between the dimension list mistake words (e2-e5, e1-e8, e2-e4, e11-e6, e1-e6, e2-e9) one by one

The outcomes reveal that the absolute variation index of your altered model try X 2 = 5.88, X dos /DF = step one.89, P = 0.081 > 0.05, demonstrating that the covariance matrix of the model are modified in order to the seen analysis (X dos /DF = step one.78 was modified anywhere between step one and you may step 3); GFI = 0.925 (> 0.ninety for version), AGFI = 0.930 (> 0.90 to have version), RMSEA = 0.054 (effective in 0.05?0.08). On the increment fit test results, NFI = 0.932 (version > 0.90), IFI = 0.941 (adaptation > 0.90), CFI = 0.934 (variation > 0.90), RFI = 0.945 (version > 0.90). It could be viewed that the initially relationship model of it research is actually well adapted towards genuine research once modification (see Shape step three).

This new indirect effect of entertainment inspiration with the secondary school students’ entertainment satisfaction are 0.22 ?? , that is extremely high. Brand new believe period of 0.102?0.411 doesn’t contain no, just like the direct effectation of recreation determination towards entertainment fulfillment = 0.60 ?? , that’s most extreme. This new depend on period out of 0.326?0.781 doesn’t consist of zero. Meanwhile, the entire aftereffect of recreational motivation with the relaxation satisfaction = 0.82 ?? in addition to rely on period from 0.501?0.902 and does not have zero, It fully affirms you to definitely recreational feelings performs a partial intermediary character anywhere between relaxation motivation and you will amusement fulfillment. One other highway is the impression off amusement traps on entertainment pleasure, where the indirect aftereffect of relaxation traps toward recreation fulfillment was ?0.07 ?? , getting a life threatening height, which have a rely on interval from ?0.158 ??0.008, needless to say excluding no, once the direct effectation of amusement traps for the secondary school students’ amusement fulfillment = 0.01, not significant, which have a depend on interval out of ?0.109?0.159, however also no. Thus, we can court you to relaxation attitude performs a whole intermediary character anywhere between entertainment barriers and you will leisure fulfillment.

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