Motif six: suggestions about stopping a repeat teenage pregnancy

Motif six: suggestions about stopping a repeat teenage pregnancy

In motif out of reproductive fitness attributes, interest is actually interested in the following subthemes: the fresh judgmental emotions out of healthcare specialists and you may a diminished injectable contraceptives. The participants told me exactly how reproductive wellness features swayed its sexual health seeking to behavior. Some participants mirrored into judgmental thinking away from health care specialists whenever they attempted to supply household members think qualities.

The fresh judgmental attitude off healthcare gurus

The players as well as perceived discrimination throughout the medical care options. The players indicated one to medical care gurus were not support teenage girls access to sexual and you may reproductive wellness attributes.

“The fresh new nurses is judgmental. It eliminate you poorly for folks who enquire about loved ones believe characteristics. They’d would not provide myself an injectable contraception prior to I decrease pregnant as I happened to be seem to too-young” (Thobeka, 17).

“Nurses is judgmental because they believe we’re having fun with birth control so you can end shedding pregnant. They are not happy we try sexually energetic” (Tholothando, 19).

“New clinics aren’t adolescent amicable. Nurses make fun of teenage mothers who would like to accessibility birth control. This new queues was long and you may nurses is sluggish” (Snothando, 19).

A not enough injectable birth prevention at clinics

In addition to their standard issues about reproductive wellness services, the players referred to a diminished injectable contraceptives at centers. Nana stated that “Every so often, there’s an insufficient injectable contraceptives at clinic” Palesa stated that “There can be possibly zero injectable birth control offered at your local infirmary. I usually go back home instead of receiving the new injectable birth control. The shortage from injectable contraceptives ingredients the fresh unmet requirement for birth prevention and you may presents a threat having a recurring pregnancy, specifically in order to teenagers that use this technique away from birth control.

Within the theme off advice for stopping a perform maternity, around three subthemes was indeed understood: contraceptive and condoms, abstinence, and you may sceptics. Specific participants emphasised the importance of having fun with birth-control and condoms.

Birth-control and you can condoms

The participants told that contraception and you will condoms will be accustomed end a recurring adolescent maternity. Guidance with the usage of birth control and you may condoms on the cures of recite teenage pregnancies are echoed the second quotes.

“I would personally prompt most other teenage moms and dads to utilize birth prevention and condoms to quit a perform teenage pregnancy. It indicates the effective use of one another female and male condoms” (Sphe, 16).

“I do believe protection through the intercourse is very important to stop a primary and you will recite maternity. The safety ought to include contraception and you may condoms” (Puleng, 18).


The players who had knowledgeable repeat pregnancies believed concrete feel dissapointed about and you may guilt. They advertised abstinence as the a solution to prevent a recurring maternity. The support to possess abstinence since the an assess to cease teenage recite pregnancy is well-articulated in the following the quotes:

“I got a duplicate pregnancy. So it generated existence quite difficult thus i highly recommend abstinence to other very first time parents. Following the first maternity, she is always to refrain [off having sex] and concentrate on her degree” (Mary, 19).

My information will be to delay intercourse. Within age of 18 ages, You will find a couple children and you may our upcoming was unclear. I might prompt first-time parents so you’re able to abstain while focusing with the finishing their highschool degree (Maya, 18).


Certain teens expressed suspicion regarding playing with birth prevention and you may condoms to end a perform maternity. Amahle generated mention of the males being able to change the effects of birth control by using traditional medicine after they impregnate a lady, if you find yourself Harriet did not believe condoms and you may contraceptive.

“I don’t believe a girl can prevent a duplicate maternity due to the fact men will use conventional cures [herbs] and come up with a girl slide expecting regardless if she is to your contraception” (Amahle, 17).

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