Leo then told me one Glucose has reached the newest central tower

Leo then told me one Glucose has reached the newest central tower

Trebol after that captured Leo with his other dwarves together with his gooey material

After Thunder Soldier and a few dwarves broke up from their website, Leo informed me that they went to the new regal castle so you can assault Doflamingo when Glucose try defeated. When Usopp try spotted by two of Doflamingo’s guys, the fresh new dwarves stripped them. Because they was mislead, Leo and you may Rampo banged them aside. Just after Usopp and Robin apply disguises, the rebels continued onto the central tower. [23]

After they arrived at the fresh new government tower, Leo explained to Usopp in regards to the connection involving the tower and you will the fresh new rubbish place. They then infiltrated the latest tower and you can went to the area where Sugar and Trebol was receive. Leo created a solution to remove Sugar. He took aside a take off of Tatababasco, that’s known as the preferred spice in the world and the new dwarves caused it to be formed such as a beneficial grape. Leo desired to put the spice into Sugar’s basket out of red grapes on the dreams you to definitely Sugar do consume it. As he went forward to execute his plan, the guy ing, the process was a survival. [32]

Immediately following enjoying Trebol take a fly that have high precision, Robin prevented Leo off going into the area, realizing that Trebol can destination your. [33] When Bian triggered a disturbance in the exchange vent having a keen army out-of wasps, Robin lured Trebol out from the room. Just after Trebol was out from the tower, the fresh new dwarves energized for the and you will rushed from the Glucose. New attack were not successful just like the Sugar switched some of the dwarves towards the girl doll servants and you will bought these to kill all invaders in the tower. That have forgotten about the fresh new dwarves which were just transformed, Leo’s category involved with fight with its previous comrades. [34]

These people were interrupted when a ship thrown by Trebol damaged on the the fresh tower. Immediately after deceiving Leo towards discussing which have which they were allied, Trebol ignited the gluey substance, causing they to help you explode. Immediately after picking right on up Leo, Usopp recommended which they should sanctuary. Yet not, Leo was determined to your doing the operation so Thunder Soldier you certainly will struggle Doflamingo. Whenever Usopp asked him as to the reasons brand new dwarves put a whole lot trust on the doll soldier, Leo revealed that Thunder Soldier ‘s the just doll that will rebel up against Doflamingo and therefore he is none other than Kyros. [21] Making use of the dwarves disabled Beard free dating, Leo lay his believe inside the Usopp. [35]

To display his faith, Leo with his fell comrades begin chanting «Usoland.» When Trebol requested exactly what he was chanting, Leo announced one to Usoland will save you besides the dwarves, but all the enslaved playthings also. Trebol just chuckled on their believe, stating that these were lied so you can and their saving grace wasn’t coming and probably somewhere chuckling in the its misery. Then advised the dwarves you to their trust during the him was misplaced. Leo furiously disregarded Trebol’s comments, stating that Usoland will unquestionably help save her or him. Just before Leo can say anymore, Trebol stomped the latest dwarf with his feet. Whenever Usopp arrived to keep him or her, he admitted that he was not exactly what the guy claimed are and this he or she is very a lying pirate. In the event saddened by the knowledge, new dwarves cheered to have Usopp as he revealed a strike facing Trebol. [13]

Leo was then impressed to help you where Usopp are

This new dwarves had been concerned whenever Usopp is weighed down by the Trebol. Whenever Sugar pushed the latest spruce into Usopp’s throat, Leo was astonished to see that Usopp’s expression terrified Glucose therefore much you to definitely she shed awareness. [36] For the first goal out of Procedure SOP finished, the fresh dwarves wept more Usopp’s profits and you can stated that they can generate a sculpture out of Usopp. [37] The dwarves after that sent Usopp from a mad Trebol when you are Robin held him back. They certainly were after that astonished when Hajrudin acquired Usopp. In the event the former slaves proclaimed the allegiance on their savior, Usopp purchased his newfound followers so you’re able to ruin new Look factory and you may this new dwarves shout out Usopp’s title. [38]

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