D. Salinger scratched deeply to your wall surface

D. Salinger scratched deeply to your wall surface

One boy left claiming to another guy, ‘Hold the fresh new sonuvabitch up\ Hold on a minute right up, for Chrissake!

/. He find, «If you had so many age to do it during the, you couldn’t wipe out actually 1 / 2 of the new ‘Fuck You’ signs inside the the country. It is impossible.» Holden are thus alongside recognizing the newest futility of every attempt becoming a catcher throughout the rye: the children you should never, globally since it is, feel protected against this new crazy cliff. If you’re wishing at the Metropolitan Art gallery to have Phoebe, Holden descends to the Egyptian tomb, in which he finds it «nice and peaceful» – until the guy observes the fresh obscenity once more, scrawled for the reddish crayon, «underneath the mug an element of the wall structure.» Then imagines his very own tombstone, showing around his own label the fresh disgusting terms of one’s obscenity. Thus far, Holden’s headache and his dream, his revulsion within community with his dream out of demise, collaborate on the image of their tombstone and he finds themselves confronting the fresh new important time away from decision – life or death; the nation with the obscenities or suicide with all of its denials. The image of your tombstone bearing the fresh new obscenity implies that committing suicide alone might be a variety of best capitulation on terrible physicality regarding lifestyle, an ironic wedding of one’s tissue on extremely minute regarding abdication of your https://datingranking.net/it/siti-di-incontri-politici/ own flesh. Death hence becomes maybe not a gesture regarding defiance but of quit. Holden feels each other vomiting and you can dizziness, and he in fact tickets away briefly, and drops toward floor, a final slip one to scratching the end of the newest descent. As he comes up, he feels greatest; the new crisis try prior, the option for life symbolically produced, the newest slow ascent began. Phoebe’s impulsive kindness expressed inside her determination to run away that have him confirms his decision to keep, to become inside it, in order to rejoin the human competition. In the closure users of your book, as he observe Phoebe, in her blue finish, bypass and you may to with the carrousel, Holden becomes afraid you to given that she holds with the silver ring, she will fall, but the guy restrains himself: «The object that have kids is actually, if they must need on the gold ring, you have got to let them do so, and not say one thing. Whenever they decrease, 17

Holden are going to be happy – «very really happy» – today regarding studies one Phoebe was held from the secret an excellent

they fall off, however it is bad if you say anything to them.» Went now’s the latest think of being the catcher from the rye. If or not from the fields out-of rye, otherwise into circular carrousel, pupils need sooner or later slide, just like the Holden possess fallen. nd unlimited circle of the carrousel during the a suspended county of primary and you will impenetrable purity; and his awesome delight should be intense and you can rendered poignant in the mature sense that the county is actually temporary, your musical will minimize together with secret circle break, your slip, in the end, can not be resided. (It can be worthy of listing, parenthetically, that one regarding Salinger’s favorite poets, Rilke, enjoys a beneficial poem called «This new Carrousel,» where there can be good «absolutely nothing bluish woman,» and also in that your carrousel «groups and you may converts features zero goal.») For everybody its seriousness, Catcher regarding Rye is one of the funniest courses from inside the Western books, and much has been told you associated its humor into the local Western tradition, and especially in order to Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn. Maybe out of equal benefits with its connections to for the last was the character away from Catcher regarding the development of new blog post-The second world war «black» laughs, this new laughs that has occasional areas of irresponsibility, cruelty, anxiety, and you will insanity. Instances is actually Wright Morris’ Ceremony inside the Lone Forest (1960), Joseph Heller’s Hook-22 (1961), and you will Ken Kesey’s One Travelled across the Cuckoo’s Nest (1962). One short event for the Catcher often recommend the devote so it this new advice of contemporary Western humor. Just after making brand new Antolini apartment, because Holden was drifting during the a daze about the roadways, he happens up on a little vignette you to definitely seems to sum-up this new weird incongruities of contemporary lifestyle when he keeps came across it: » . . . We enacted these two people which were handling this big Christmas time tree away from a truck. ‘ It surely is actually a pleasant means to fix speak about an effective Christmas time forest. It absolutely was particular comedy, even when, for the an awful method, and that i visited 18

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